Elevate Your Creative Workflow with AI

Access Free Audio Samples to Create, Collaborate, and Share


Upload Audio Files

With the audio file upload feature, you have the ability to express your creativity and share your unique sounds with the community. By sharing your samples, you can receive valuable feedback from other members of the community and build relationships with other music creators.


AI Drum Loop Generator

The AI drum loop generation feature not only provides pre-generated drum loops, but also serves as a source of creative inspiration. You can use the pre-generated drum loops as a starting point for your own unique drum tracks and productions.

Are the samples royalty free?

Yes. You never have to worry about using them in your project.

What BPM are the samples generated in?

Every drum loop is generated at around 128 BPM.

Can I choose my seed?

Seed selection will be coming soon. You will be able to generate a random seed from 1 to 2.7 billion

What is the current pricing?

Currently drum loop generation is free, but is likely to change as we roll into beta

How much does it cost per drum loop generation?

It costs about $0.02 per drum loop generation.

What is a cold start and how long does it last?

To make good use of resources, we only run the model at request time. When a model hasn't been used for around 10 minutes, it gets shut off. Machine learning models are often very large and resource intensive, and we have to fetch and load several gigabytes of code. In some cases this process can take several minutes to start. As we grow in demand, cold boots are likely to become less frequent.